The SUN Design Institute hereby pledges to maintain appropriate and strict control of all personal date belonging to its customers and all parties related to the Company based on internal regulations and structure in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.

Personal date collection

(1) It is not company policy to collect personal date from customers for the purposes of ongoing use at the present time.

(2) When collecting personal date, the Company shall clearly state the purposes for which it is to be used and obtain the consent of the relevant party in advance {except in cases in which the purpose of use is clear to both parties}.

Use of personal date

The company shall only use personal date for the stated purposes.

Personal date management and handling

(1) Personal date management shall be strictly controlled in line with company personal date management regulations.

(2) Access to each individual category of personal shall be restricted to specific personnel.

(3) The company shall make every effort to strengthen electronic date security measures and the secure management and storage of documents.

(4) All personnel shall undergo a thorough program of training on how to handle personal date.

(5) All requests for the deletion of or alterations to personal date received from the relevant party shall be processed immediately.

Provision of personal date to third parties

In principle, the company shall not provide personal date to any third party.
The company shall only provide date to a third party after obtaining the consent of the party providing the date and verifying that the relevant third party is reliable and has a personal date management system in place. The company shall bear full responsibility for preserving confidentiality.

Inquiries regarding personal date

The company is happy to accept any inquiries regarding personal date via the dedicated SUN Design Institute personal date email address below.

Inquiries :
※ After receiving your inquiry, we will contact you at a later date.